Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Player of the week: Will Robson

Will Robson
Will Robson

UMKC’s premier golfer, junior Will Robson, placed fourth at the Fairway Club Invitational, giving UMKC the win and the first title win since the 07-08 season and second lowest score in UMKC history for 36 holes.

“I played well,” Robson said. “I was really confident going into the final round.”

The United Kingdom native started playing golf at the age of 10. Robson also excelled in soccer and rugby. By 15, he gave up soccer and rugby to focus on golf.

“Soccer was really popular and competitive,” Robson said. “I didn’t want to break all my bones playing rugby.”

Early on, Robson knew he wanted to play golf in the U.S. He was placed with ProDream USA, an agency in the United Kingdom which signs their athletes to American sports scholarships and contracts. He and childhood friend Alex Hogben were signed to UMKC’s golf program. Hogben graduated from UMKC last year.

“I came to UMKC with Alex,” Robson said. “We live 20 minutes away from each other. I was glad he was with me in case I got homesick.”

Robson said he has adjusted to life at UMKC.

“It’s nice here,” he said. “The school is on the outskirts of the city. There’s lots of stuff to do here.”

At UMKC, Robson’s Big 12 goals include winning the conference and finals titles before he graduates. For the past three years, UMKC has finished second in conference.

“I’m really excited about this season,” Robson said. “I feel good. I think we will do well this season.”

During the off-season at UMKC, Robson returns to the United Kingdom. He competes biweekly when he is home. His goals are big, including making the United Kingdom national team and turning pro in the U.S.

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