Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Player of the Week: Ashley Gann

Sophomore soccer star carries team to victory

Women’s soccer star Ashley Gann started off the season with a bang as she smashed two goals in a 4-0 home opener victory for the Roos over Maple Woods Community College on Aug. 16.

Gann was also instrumental in the 0-0 overtime tie against rival Rockhurst (Aug. 19) and again in the 1-1 tie with Youngstown State (Aug. 21).

These results help give the new-look Lady Roos their best start in the history of the women’s soccer program under the guidance of new Head Coach Chris Cissell.

However, the Roos may have found quite the gem in Gann, as soccer was not always her first love. She competed in many other sports throughout her youth.

“After playing other sports, I decided to try soccer, but it was not a passion at first,” Gann said. With so many new faces around the Durwood practice field, Gann appreciates the “atmosphere and the competition between the girls, as it makes you become a stronger athlete.”

Gann plays the central midfield position and for this pre-season campaign has also adapted to a more advanced attacking position.

The ambitious Gann admits being a midfielder is her favorite position because “there is a lot of action in the middle, and you get the chance to play and work with everyone as a team.”

Off the field, family, friends and teammates are an influential part of Gann’s motivation, with her younger sister Alyssa playing a pivotal role.

When speaking of this relationship, Gann said, “We started playing soccer at the same time. She’s a great player, she comes to my games, watches me play, and asks me for advice, which make me feel special.”

Gann is a sophomore studying elementary education. Spurred on by the teachings of parents, Jon and Tammy Gann, her goals are balanced both athletically and academically.

She said how she was encouraged to “give everything you have in the 90 minutes, but afterwards, focus on school; grades are before soccer.”

Her commitment to her studies, coupled with game-winning strikes for the soccer team, make her an excellent asset for the Blue & Gold.

She also has positive expectations for the women’s soccer team this fall. Its goal is to win the Summit League Conference Championship.

“This year the team grew and learned from last year experiences,” Gann said. “The team has new members and we are developing new skills, we are a united team and everybody is willing to win.”

Gann is the player of the week, because her socring knack helped kickstart the women’s soccer team’s season and give the squad an early taste of victory.

We hope this is the first of many for the women’s soccer team.

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