Planning for your Future and Your Present | First Wednesdays on Utilizing One’s Education at UMKC

Last week’s First Wednesdays had a pretty good turnout. The speakers highlighted for tonight were all entrepreneurs that had their own heartfelt stories to share. There were three speakers – Katie Boody, CEO and Founder of The Lean Lab; John Fein, Managing Director of Firebrand Ventures; and Chris Costiell, CEO and Founder of Bloom – and a moderator, Zach Pettet (B.B.A. ’15).

There was a quick series of introductions from Professor Jeff Hornsby of the Global Entrepreneurs program of the Bloch School and from Ben Williams, also a member of the Global Entrepreneurship program. The two teased next month’s First Wednesdays, which will feature a program about Helzberg diamonds by Williams, and the Entrepreneur of the Year awards and gala on Nov. 10, featuring a $2500 scholarship for first place.

Adell Hendon, of Youspin was also a part of the introduction. He mentioned how real his education was to him.

“If you touch that paper,” Hendon said, “It’s a real thing.”

Ben Williams at First Wednesdays.

Ben Williams at First Wednesdays.

The main focus of the evening’s actual presentation was succeeding, with one’s education in hand, in the business world. Each presenter emphasized how important learning in and outside of the classroom actually is. Other similar themes, like hard work and the importance of creating and managing start-ups, were prevalent throughout the presentation. The content was not overly specialized, in that the pedestrian UMKC student could understand all of the provided content.

Each presenter put a lot of emotion and vigor into their comments.

John Fein had a rather insightful comment that rang out in general terms.

“You have every right to be a successful entrepreneur as anyone in this world,” he said.

Fein also made a quick but important point about life after graduation. He advised students to not worry about money after graduation.

“It’s good for UMKC students to see that these individuals are willing to help them out and spend time with them,” said Williams.

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