Friday, May 27, 2022
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Photo essay: Kansas City celebrates fall with first-ever Ferris wheel in Power & Light

Kansas City welcomed the return of fall this past weekend, hosting a festival known as Cornucopia KC. This celebration had everything from games to carnival food, and a Ferris wheel making its first-ever appearance in the heart of downtown Kansas City. 

With the scent of funnel cake in the air and the adrenaline-fueled shrieks echoing between buildings, this event was an epicenter of fall family fun. 

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The height of the Ferris Wheel provided a good look at the rest of the festival’s offerings and the crowd making its way into the fair.

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Taking a walk towards the game section, I stumbled upon a game of accuracy and concentration known as “Firefly.” The objective: Squirt water into a small target the size of a quarter. First person to fill their target wins. 

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From the crowd, emerged a group of energetic kids with some good dance moves. They were led by a mascot, advertising G-Class Cuts, a barbershop in KCMO. 

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“Hoops” was another game to show off players’ free throw skills to earn a prize.

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“Cliff Hanger” simulated a high-flying hang glider adventure that brought a smile to any passenger’s face.

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As the event came to a close, the final large ride at the end of the street was the “Rockstar.” This ride sent adrenaline junkies rotating into the air, high above the surrounding buildings, on top of a colorful guitar.

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Since I skipped breakfast that day, I needed something of sustenance. Naturally, I settled on the carnival classics such as a buttery corn dog, ice-cold Pepsi and funnel cake buried in powdered sugar.

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