Friday, January 28, 2022
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Passionate about intramurals

UMKC flag-football season has begun
UMKC flag-football season has begun

The games have been fierce and teams play rain or shine.

“I decided to do intramural football because of my friends and to meet new people; especially to meet new people,” player Jared Bell said. “I am a freshman, so that is definitely why I did it.”

Bell’s team members are his fellow housemates and good friends.

“We all live in Johnson Hall, second floor, men’s side,” he said. “We are like a brotherhood. The first day of school, we came together and have been friends since.”

Bell is unsure if his team will compete in future intramurals.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It depends on what comes up. We have some pretty good basketball players, so maybe we will do that.”

Bell encourages all students to become involved in an intramural sport.

“Everyone should do an intramural sport,” Bell said. “You are given a chance to see the different fraternities and meet the people. You are able to do something that is fun outside of the classroom.”

For intramural assistant Brittany Filkins, involvement and enjoyment in intramurals is simple.

“I love organizing it,” she said. “I love seeing everybody getting involved and being competitive.”

Filkins has been a part of Swinney Recreation Center for most of her career at UMKC.

“I have been with the Swinney Recreation for three years, and I have been the intramural assistant for a year,” Filkins said.

Filkins said her experience in intramurals helped her get involved at UMKC and meet people.

“I did intramurals my freshman year and it helped me meet a lot of people,” Filkins said.

Even though UMKC lacks certain sports, students have a football outlet through intramurals.

“We have 31 flag football teams signed up,” Filkins said. “That is well over 300 people. Intramurals give students a chance to do something bigger.”

“Whenever the seasons begin, posters will be put up to notify students about what intramurals are going on,” Filkins said.

There are a number of intramural sports.

“We have so many,” Filkins said. “We have football, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, softball, kickball, ping pong, soccer, a free-throw tournament, and we are hoping to have cricket.”

No matter how little experience you have, you are encouraged to give intramurals a try.

“Even if you don’t know what you are doing, get a team together and get involved,” Filkins said.

If there is a sport or activity you would like to see on the intramural roster, it’s possible to become part of the list.

“If anyone has a different sport or activity, contact me and I will see what I can do,” Filkins said.

Students interested in intramurals should contact Filkins at or call 816-235-2719.

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