Thursday, January 27, 2022
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PartyNextDoor Writes His Own Love Story in Newest Album

“One hour of pure fantasy” may be the best way to describe PartyNextDoor’s latest project. Jahron Brathwaite continues his lustful stylings on his third studio album, P3. P3 was released nearly three months ago and climbed up to No. 1 on the R&B/Soul charts; however, avid music followers stayed a bit too quiet about it. Although Braithwaite is just beginning his career, he is on his way to being one of the most sensual R&B artists in the mix.

This bedroom jam-oriented album begins with “High Hopes,” a track that depicts the carnality of P3. The timbres ease the listener into the album, allowing them to flow smoothly into the second track “Don’t Run.” These two songs create a prologue for the album as PND (PartyNextDoor) seems to be in pursuit of a particular woman.

“All I wanna do is smoke with you,” Jahron entreats. “Sit down have dinner with the folks with you…Don’t run, baby.”

PND’s dynamic hit single “Not Nice” provides a foot for “Only U”, where Brathwaite’s soothing vocals are tinged with a subtle Jamaican accent (he’s from Canada). P3 then eases into emotional disturbance with “Spiteful,” as Braithwaite’s vivid fantasies are stifled by disloyalty. Relationships are all fun and games, until jealous suspicion arises regarding so-called “side pieces.” “You’ve Been Missed” portrays the aftermath of these jealousy-driven tracks as PND sincerely sings, “It’s so lonely in the six right now…I just want peace, babe/and I just want you, babe/Tickets to the wild wild, just be by my side.”

Brathwaite then concludes his third project with the realization that love is a difficult crave to satisfy: “It’s like a wolf hollering at the moon/Every time that I see ya/Girl you’re bad and you break hearts for a living.”

Though all the hot-blooded yearning and burning of connection may occur, even PartyNextDoor knows that the occasional heartbreak is inevitable.

The charm and passion of this R&B artist is prevalent in all of his projects, and he’s never been ashamed of his explicitness. Brathwaite began his career as a songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music at the age of 18. As his skills enhanced, he later signed to hip-hop artist Drake’s OVO Sound record label in 2013 and dropped his first EP, PARTYNEXTDOOR that same year. He also contributed to Drake’s 2013 release, Nothing Was the Same, by providing background vocals on tracks “Own It” and “Come Thru.” PND has since claimed that OVO has protected him from the negativity that often stems from the music industry, particularly from the press and public. Brathwaite is still in collaboration with Drake today, for they are currently on the Summer’s Over Tour along with Rihanna and Jeremih, a quartet that you probably shouldn’t you’re your grandmother to see.

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