Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Suspect arrested in Westport death

A suspect in the homicide of Brian Euston, a 24-year-old graduate of Oklahoma State University, has been arrested for an incident early Sunday morning Oct. 10 in Westport.

Euston was found unresponsive near Westport Road and Mill Street at 2:30 a.m. outside of America’s Pub.

According to The Kansas City Star, he suffered a severe head injury and died at the hospital.

This injury was preceded by a punch to the face that caused Euston to fall over and hit his head on the pavement.

The suspected assailant who threw the punch was Stanford C. Griswold.

Euston was reportedly told repeatedly by Griswold he would “knock him out.”

Griswold was with his girlfriend at the time, who also instructed Euston to leave them be.

It was reported Euston was well over the legal blood alcohol level, and was being overly friendly and “getting in their faces.”

Griswold was charged with involuntary manslaughter since his intention was not to kill Euston.

$95 million for Kansas City transportation

On Jan. 25, $95 million was allotted to various transportation projects within Kansas City.

According to The Kansas City Star, regional leaders plan to create new bridges, improve interchanges, add bike lanes, increase the number of buses and expand driving lanes using the allocation.

Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) board of directors made the $95 million allocation.

Kansas City, Mo. will receive $62 million and Kansas City, Kan. will receive $33 million.

This was not the only large scale budget operation occurring.

Other allocations were made for transportation improvements in the Kansas City area.


$7.1 million was given to Jackson County to widen Lee’s Summit Road from Anderson Drive to U.S. 40. The project could start in 2012. It’s envisioned to be a relief route for Interstate 470.

$4.7 million was given to Lee’s Summit to improve Lee’s Summit Road from Colbern Road to Gregory Boulevard. The project includes improved alignments, new turn lanes and wider lanes. It’s expected to see a parallel route to I-470 that connects north to I-70.


$4.7 million was given to Olathe to widen 127th Street to two lanes each way from Black Bob Road to Pflumm Road near the border of Overland Park.

$4.4 million was given to Overland Park to reconstruct 159th Street to two lanes each way from Quivira to Antioch roads.

$4.2 million was given to Wyandotte County to reconstruct Merriam Lane from 24th to 10th streets. Merriam Lane is considered a crucial corridor linking Kansas City, the Rosedale area and Johnson County.

This is the first time MARC has allocated national funds for the purpose of improving future transportation.

This allocation will also go toward making Kansas City more green.

The plan emphasizes energy conservation, environmental protection, and creating more bike and pedestrian friendly areas.

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