Friday, January 28, 2022
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On-campus drag show raises money for All Gender Restroom Initiative

In UMKC’s own episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” last weekend, the UMKC Pride Alliance held its annual Drag Show in collaboration with Delta Lambda Phi, a UMKC Colony (ie. pre-fraternity) open to gay and progressive men.

With over ten queens performing, each performance was incredibly professional. From spot-on lip syncing to splits and cartwheels infused in the choreography, it’s astounding that they offered to perform for free, much less at UMKC. If anyone is looking for new dances moves, these queens are the ones to go to.

Jaharia Von’Du

Each queen created a unique persona for themselves, built with different senses of style and fashion, makeup, wigs and most importantly a pseudonym, such as Tiffany Blue or Melissa Uptown (who were both showcased during this event). While some of the queens have been practicing and perfecting their performances for years, many also performed for the first time.

Dakota Allen, the president of UMKC Pride Alliance, explained that the truest purpose of the show is to bring the queer and ally community together in the form of support. There is not a great deal of events that showcase the LGBTQIA community of UMKC, so it enhances the Drag Show’s importance in bringing these two communities together.

Mia Moore

This show in particular also had another purpose: raising 1500 dollars for the All Gender Restroom Initiative, an ongoing plan to relabel the single, unisex restrooms across campus to “all gender.”

The end-goal is to provide more comfort to people who do not fit within the binary standards of gender when using public restrooms on UMKC grounds.

“It’s a really good opportunity for student queens to get out there and try something new in front of a safe community,” Allen explained.

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