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Non-Basketball Athletes Call for Support

UMKC athletes believe their daily sacrifices of their bodies and minds are unnoticed and unappreciated on UMKC’s campus.

Two seniors who have competed and performed their entire UMKC college career wish that the school and students acknowledged their passion.

Graduate student Terrone Garner and senior Cameo Miller represent the school in two different sporting activities but have the same feelings about how their teams are perceived.

“Some students don’t have a clue about what we do,” said Garner.

Garner is a currently a graduate student and hurdler on UMKC’s track and field team.  He believes that the track team tends to stay under the radar, especially in comparison to the basketball team.

“[The] basketball team gets more funding, gear, and snacks to fuel their bodies after workouts,” Garner said.

The track team competes from December to June each year in indoor and outdoor seasons.  UMKC’s track team finished second at the conference meet in Nampa, Idaho this year, walking away with gold medals in the men’s 4×400 meter relay, women’s triple jump, and men’s 400-meter dash.  The team is currently projected to place first in the outdoor season.

The 2016-2017 Track and Field Team Picture. (Source: UMKC Athletics)
The 2016-2017 Track and Field Team Picture. (Source: UMKC Athletics)

These are the most recent accomplishments for the track team and yet many students are not aware of their successes.

Garner wishes that the school would give the same amount of publicity for the accomplishments of the track team and other sports teams as that dedicated to the basketball players.

A conservatory dance major, Miller believes her sport does not get the attention it deserves.

“It would be nice to be treated like an athlete,” Miller said.

She attributes the lack of awareness of the conservatory to the school and to the students in the conservatory.

“Conservatory as a whole is in our own little bubble,” Miller said.

UMKC’s Conservatory of Music and Dance produces professional dancers, composers, singers and musicians every year.

UMKC students are granted free admission into most of the events hosted by the conservatory, yet symphonies, dance recitals and operas are often performed to empty seats.

Currently, if an event is going on in the Performing Arts Theatre, it will only be promoted in the theatre.  This theatre is on the opposite side of “the quad” where non-conservatory students usually have classes on Voelker campus.

Miller hopes increasing promotion outside of the conservatory will bring more support of the shows hosted by the department.

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