Saturday, May 28, 2022
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New Fraternity Strives for Greater LGBT Acceptance

A new fraternity has joined UMKC’s campus this semester. Delta Lambda Phi is a new interest group fraternity that participates in community service, social and philanthropic events. LGBT support is one of the key factors allowing this fraternity to be different than the rest on campus.

Junior Zendrix Berndt recently joined DLP.

“I’m hoping to be able to positively impact my community and really make a difference on campus as well as off campus for everyone, but in particular, for gay, bi, transgender and progressive guys,” Berndt said.

One reason Delta Lambda Phi was brought to UMKC this semester was to create purposeful social and recreational activities for all men, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

“I think it’s important that if a person of color and not super traditional wants to have a Greek experience where he can be accepted and encouraged to be who he is should be able to have that sense of brotherhood,” Berndt said.

DLP will also be focusing on determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society, and presenting a strong and positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals.


The yellow rose the inductees receive

President Dylan Burd was motivated to start a new fraternity at UMKC last September. He was interested in getting a group of men to come together who would uphold values and carry out a strong purpose in the LGBT community.

“We need break down of stereotypes, misconceptions and biases to shift everyone closer to creating a campus community of support by all for all,” Burd said. “When all students are supported on a campus, I’d say that’s beneficial.”

DLP currently has nine UMKC students and is looking to add more people to the new chapter on campus.

“I’m really excited about how having DLP on campus will allow me to reach out and make my community a better place for everyone,” Berndt said.

According to Burd, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and passion to start a chapter. Getting established with fraternity and sorority life and councils on campus will make someone more comfortable starting their own Greek organization or joining one. Most importantly, doing the outreach to find those committed men who want to be involved and are seeking to grow is important.

“We still have a long way to go before attaining a charter, but I think the seed has been planted, and we have a great Alpha class that I am confident will continue this organization on this campus for many years to come,” Burd said.

The LGBT community on campus is quickly expanding and becoming more well-known with its many events throughout the school year and now the addition of an LGBT fraternity. DLP is an international fraternity. The nearest chapters are at KU, K-State, and University of Missouri S&T in Rolla. If interested you can email Dylan Burd at to join or if you have any questions.

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