Movie Review: Big Dreams and Bad Dreams

Writer/director/producer Jason Piggie is a home grown Kansas City filmmaker that showcased his film “Bad Dream” on Saturday at the Kansas City Urban Film Festival. He sees Kansas City as the perfect environment for filmmaking.

“I think Kansas City is actually a better place that you can make a film because there [are] many different looks that we have here,” Piggie said. “And also [with] the richness of jazz, there’s blues here too. There’s a lot to access and build upon.”

Piggie has shot and produced 9 short films in the last 13 years. His short film “The Stuff” won first place at the 3/5/7 Film Festival in the five minute category. But his latest work “Bad Dream” is his longest film yet.

“I’ve made like nine different short films all under 10 minutes. This one is going to be 39 minutes long,” Piggie said. And from here he is only looking to grow, “The next one I’m going to be working on is going to be feature length.”

“Bad Dream” is a suspense film with some shadows of action and romance. It takes the viewer on a journey into the mind of a corrupt henchman looking for redemption.

“It was a story that just came out of a vast library of information, it just kind of percolated up to the top,” Elliott said.

And he began his career here at UMKC.

“I was in communications, I transferred over from Lincoln University,” Piggie said.

Beginning in photography at UMKC, but coupling that with his love for music, he believes film was a natural step forward.

“I am a photographer at my heart. I really love the whole process of taking pictures. I graduated from there to actual video. So I have a background in theater and music and this was the natural progression,” Piggie said.

And he gives UMKC a lot of credit,

“I learned a lot from my instructors there at UMKC. I mean they brought some abilities out when I sit down and think about it. It was a good interesting foundation,” Piggie said.

With the thoughts of a feature in the works, Jason Piggie shows no signs of stopping. He’s sure to back next year with his first full length film at the Kansas City Urban Film Festival.

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