Modern art or the work of a toddler?

The semester may have just started, but results of an art survey fielded through UMKC and other top universities have been released by the platform College Pulse.

The topic? Telling modern art and toddler art apart.

UMKC students received an email invitation from College Pulse in January to take the survey, which presented 10 paintings and asked students to decide whether each piece was created by an actual artist or a toddler.

UMKC freshman Adeca Chareunsab decided to take the survey as a precursor to the art classes she is taking this semester.

“I guess it was pretty easy,” said Chareunsab. “I just looked at the strokes to figure it out, like is it some Bob Ross kind of stuff?”

Chareunsab was just one of almost 19,000 students who participated in the survey. Others found it more difficult to tell the artwork apart, arguing that the toddler art was the same quality as the modern art.

“And people wonder why I have no appreciation for the arts,” said a commenter from UMKC.

The Dartmouth-created platform College Pulse uploads surveys to encourage discussions like these.

The site encourages students to, “Uncover the truth about what your campus thinks about the topics YOU want to know.”

These topics range from serious issues like gun control to fun questionnaires about stealing food from your roommate.

The results of these surveys can be narrowed down into demographics like university, race, gender, major and more.

Data isn’t the only thing available to participants. For every survey taken, participants earn points that are exchangeable for gift cards, clothing, subscriptions and charitable donations.

While this may seem like a good way for college students to make some extra cash on the side, complaints surfaced about the exchange rate for rewards. Chareunsab said she only received 10 points for her participation and that the majority of the rewards required 1000 or 2000 points.

While students may not be taking home too many rewards for participating in these quizzes, one UMKC student learned a lesson in the value of education.

“Note to self: stay in school for valuable skills such as engineering,” said the commenter.

To take more surveys like this and see what your colleagues are saying, visit

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