Missouri students boast their art

An art gallery in the City Market area displayed the works of students across Missouri on April 13. The event, sponsored by the KC Artists Coalition featured art varying from creatively carved wooden palettes to minuscule picture books.

A photograph taken by J’mia Cheadle was of particular interest. The picture, portraying the highly contrasted silhouette of a female figure, hung proudly on the gallery wall surrounded by photos of the same caliber.

“Well, right now I’m in a class for photography,” said Cheadle. “But we were taking inspiration from different types of photographers and this one about Harry Callahan. He did a lot of silhouettes, also up close and all about feminine, woman body so I focused more on that.”

The photograph, while not the artist’s primary medium, is her second a KC Artists Coalition’s show.

Cheadle’s emphasis is on graphic design, but her eye for art easily transcends the digital. As Cheadle’s experience with photography grows, so does her artistic ability. Cheadles currently studies graphic design at Avila University.

A piece by Nicholas Phan, a linocut depicting a make-believe city in an untold story against the central protagonist, was another eye-catching piece.

“So this is a linoleum cut,” Phan said. “Basically it’s like a stamp. I started off with this big block and then I basically drew out all the contours. I took a little carving tool and I carved everything away so al the white space is what I carved away. Basically it’s one gigantic stamp.”

Phan’s piece came from a series of ten in his senior capstone project titled, “Perilous Encounters”. The pieces, following the same linoleum cut process, feature an alternating protagonist going head to head with an ever-changing antagonist.

Phan studies traditional forms of printing at Truman State University. He has had art displayed in galleries around the state and plans to become a professor in various forms of art.

Each piece at this student exhibit, chosen carefully through thousands of entries, exemplifies various aspects of life in Missouri.

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