Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Messenger Coffee to remodel two Kaldi’s Coffee shops in the Plaza

Messenger Coffee Co. is taking over the last two Kaldi’s Coffee in Kansas City to remodel them under their own brand. The two Kaldi’s Coffee locations in the Country Club Plaza will be closed by April 1, and Messenger plans to reopen them later that month. The new locations will also feature fresh baked pastries from Messenger’s sister company, Ibis Bakery.  

UMKC junior Annie Beckley said Messenger has been her go-to coffee shop for a while and she’s excited to see them expand to more locations. 

“I have been hooked on Messenger for some time now,” Beckley said. “The atmosphere is so aesthetically pleasing, and the coffee tops it all off. I’m so happy there’s more locations coming soon.”  

Messenger Coffee Co. first launched in 2013 from a partnership between three small coffee companies. Messenger specializes in fresh brewed coffee as well as fresh pastries that change seasonally. The shop has a wide variety menu, open-concept seating and a rooftop space to sit as well. 

Beckley says that, while she found the coffee spot by accident, it became a favorite. 

“I found out about Messenger on accident one day when I got a little lost downtown. I stopped in for the restroom and came out with a cup of coffee. I’ve been hooked ever since.” 

UMKC senior Brianna Smith said that while she enjoys Kaldi’s Coffee, she is not opposed to another shop opening up in its place.  

“I don’t go to Kaldi’s often, but I enjoy it when I do,” she said “It’s not particularly a huge favorite of mine so I’m not too sad to see it go. I think a little change will be good.” 

Kaldi’s Jefferson St. and 47th St. locations will remain open until April 1.

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