Men’s Tennis Wins the WAC

The men began the day winning the doubles point and led one match by 1-0. The team that wins four out of seven match points wins the championship.

Uldis Gaismins won court two, 6-0 and 6-3, and Mike Psarros won court five, 6-3 and 6-4, to give the Roos a 3-0 lead in match points.

The Aggies fought back to win courts one, two, and six, to tie the match points, 3-3. The championship would be decided by court four, where Roos Amaury Navette was playing.

Navette won the first set, 6-2, and then lost the second set, 2-6 to Sergi Espias. The third set was tied, 6-6, allowing UMKC, NMSU, and fans to gather to witness the championship, rubber-match.

The tiebreaker took 14 points to decide, before Navette won 8-6, and giving the Roos four championship matches to the Aggies three.

The Roos were seeded second coming into the tournament after finishing 3-2 in WAC regular season play, and the regular season 14-8. In 2016 the Roos lost the championship to New Mexico State, 4-3.

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