Monday, March 8, 2021
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Making Movies and Pop Pistol own the night


Making Movies
Making Movies

On occasion, I’ll find myself in a bar, chatting up with a pretty lady. And if I like her, I’ll phase out the live music playing in the background and focus my attention on her.

However, if I become uninterested, I’ll shift my focus more toward the band on stage.

But on March 25, my attention never drifted from the recordBar’s stage.

The opening band was an ethereal sounding three piece called Pop Pistol.

Many of Pop Pistols’ tracks begin as calming waves of echoic sounds that slowly transition into heavier, guitar-driven madness accompanied by precise drum work.

One of the more potent tracks, titled “Mitote,” features the lyrics, “I see through you; Hallelujah,” and offers up that same kind of segway from a more spacey guitar to a heavier rock-driven sound.

As “Mitote” reached its peak energy, the lead singer, known only as Pop Pistol, began jumping about on stage, wildly flailing his guitar, but with effortless control. The empty space that once tinged with calm, subtly charged, guitar riffs now took on a new, more exuberant life.

Pop Pistol stood, tip-toed with no shoes on, surrounded by guitar cords and amp boxes. He almost looked affected by the eerie red light that washed over him. It seemed to cast a spell that overtook his control. Whatever power took him over was certainly a force to be reckoned with.

The headliner, a popular local act called Making Movies, held every ounce of the KC crowd’s attention. Members include Enrique Chi on guitar and lead vox, Brendan Culp on drums, Nic Kolar on bass and Juan-Carlos Chaurand on percussion and keyboard. They have found great success, recently appearing on the cover of Star Magazine, attending the Latin Grammy Awards and even featured on AOL Música.

They played a dynamic set with an enthusiastic, pumped up energy that left the audience awash in rapturous bliss.

One thing was clear- Making Movies has a cult-like following, with quite a college-aged following committed to seeing their KC sets. It is no surprise, considering the band’s zealous dedication to touring and making personal connections with fans.

For one of their songs, Making Movies played a cover of Bob Marley’s classic “Is This Love.”

The lead singer, Enrique Chi, gave Marley’s tune a twist by singing it in a totally different style. It still retained the same mood as the original, and it set everyone in the bar dancing.

Many of Making Movies’ songs shift between Spanish and English lyrics, reflecting the band’s bicultural heritage.

For one of song, “Libertad,” Chi chants the Spanish word for freedom (libertad) over and over in rhythm to each kick of the bass drum. The repetition of the word acts like a rallying cry and with Chi’s arm in the air, pumping up and down, the entire crowd chants along with the band, “libertad!”

Other notable tracks they played that night include “Worry for Me,” which opens with a sick bass guitar from Kolar that leads into heavy guitar strumming. “Tormenta” has some lovely moments that flawlessly fade into a breakdown that builds up again.

Both “Worry for Me” and “Tormenta” come from their album titled “In Deo Speramus,” which is available for free download at


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