Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Lucerna Celebrates 10 Years of Undergrad Research

Lucerna, UMKC’s only undergraduate research journal, recently published its 2015 volume, cementing 10 years of undergraduate research.


Nearly two weeks after the volume’s publication, Lucerna’s editor-in-chief, Morgan McCarter, was still bursting with excitement.


“Oftentimes graduates will a lot of great credit for what they do, and oftentimes undergraduates don’t get a whole lot of credit for the research that they do,” McCarter said. “We’re really proud of having ten years of high-caliber, undergraduate research.”

McCarter was the managing editor when the essays and articles were under consideration.


“The disciplines range all over the board this year, which was really awesome,” McCarter said. “We had nine different papers in nine different disciplines . . . In the past it’s been a lot of science and English, but now we have Music History and Art Therapy.”


Among the entries in the most volume are papers on education, mathematics and political science.


“I try not to have favorites because I’m supposed to impartial, but I liked all of them,” McCarter said. “That’s one of the things I love about research. It just gives you the chance to branch out and learn new things about disciplines.”


Undergraduates who were published in Lucerna have a leg up on their resumes, according to McCarter.


“It’s a wonderful opportunity to just be able to put on your resume,” McCarter said. “Like, ‘Hey, I’ve been published!’”


Lucerna’s 2015 edition and future editions will be published on EBSCOhost. EBSCOhost is an online research database, much like JSTOR. By making its volumes available online, Lucerna gives its researchers a global audience.


“In the future we will be making it mandatory to sign a copyright contract,” McCarter said. “That way we can publish [research] on EBSCO and we can have people’s research looked at by other researchers. It’s a wonderful opportunity and you get your name and your research out there.”


As an undergraduate who loves research, McCarter, a sophomore, hopes to see her own work published in Lucerna one day—but not while she’s the editor-in-chief.

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