Monday, March 8, 2021
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Lorde is Kansas City royalty

Nick Moreno

Well-known pop artist Lorde owned the stage at the Sprint Center on Saturday night. “This is our song and no one else’s,” Lorde said to the crowd of around 7,000 cheering fans.

She was talking about her first big hit. the song “Royals” from her debut album “Pure Heroine.” She explained how six years prior, she had seen a picture in national geographic of George Brett in a Royals uniform. It is that particular photo that inspired her to write the song. The song would go on to be the catalyst to her career.

The 21-year-old New Zealand born singer-songwriter took only moments to find her footing and capture the attention of the audience. Backed by a live band, Lorde embraced a simple, elegant stage. She graced her platform alongside dancers as the stage was illuminated by vibrant lights behind her. Lorde moved with vigorous energy as she encouraged the crowd to dance.

The stage grew more elaborate throughout the night. A digital screen appeared behind her and projected a moment’s feeling in each song.  A glass cage was lifted out of the floor and elevated behind her while dancers maneuvered inside the cage.

Lorde herself spent time dancing inside the prop. The crowd howled as she used the cage as a dressing room, changing from all white to a vibrant red.

The young Lorde looked to be a seasoned veteran of the stage. In only the third stop of her “Melodrama” tour she spoke freely, laughing with the crowd. She danced both in and out of unison with her collection of dancers. A surprised crowd admired her polished use of a sound-altering looper as she performed her beautiful rendition of Frank Ocean’s “Solo.”

Lorde put on a show for her fans that will not soon be forgotten. The artist left a lasting impression, heightened by letting the crowd share the experience of her rise to pop royalty.

(Photo credit: Wager Dailly)

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