Local Music for the Not-So-Local

Kansas City is a music-loving town. Here’s a look into local KC artists.

Jessica Paige brings soul-pop to unfamiliar ears and instantly grabs your attention. Her soulful voice and acoustic talents hit you from the get-go. Paige’s discography consists of music that comes inspired by everyday life experiences, from broken love to learning what it means to grow up. Paige’s music has a twist of country rhythm with alternative lyrics that strike right at the heart.

Mess (found by the name of Hearts With Holes) is a much smoother story, featuring music that moves you from beat to beat. The band is just as charismatic and quick to make a friend. Their heavier alternative is accompanied by soothing and realistic lyrics of loss, love and fighting the good fight. They recently snatched a place in 96.5’s Homegrown Showcase that featured tons of raw local talent. They also frequent The Rino in North KC.

Nublvckcity, the collective talents of Khrstal., Love Mae C, Sauce, Duncan Burnett and Kartez Marcel, is beyond description. While a listener could easily label this music as rap, the collective in itself is diverse in content from each mind that one word does not begin to cover it. The sounds made by Nublvckcity are more eclectic in their arrangement than what is heard on the radio. The talents featured bring together elements of hip-hop, rap, synth keyboard and everyday household objects. These sounds take listeners through a whirl-wind of experience and no one leaves a show without a newfound love for this group. Nublvckcity has upcoming gigs at both The Rino and the RecordBar.

Second Hand King is a leader in the Doo Wop Rap genre. The sound, while confusing in description, brings about a nostalgic, 1950s bop feeling that is softened by Joseph Stanziola. The mixture of hip-hop rap and 50’s style tunes equitable to Buddy Holly bring new light to the possibilities of music. While the style can be (and has been) attempted by many, there is no other artist much like Stanziola. This artists’ abilities do not end with his musical talents, but extend to his music videos’ spectacular performance and appearance. The attention taken to detail in both parts of Stanziola’s musical career is reflected in his ever growing fanbase. While Second Hand King can be found performing at venues across the city, new dates are yet to be released.

Y god Y bounces listeners back to a smoother reality, one flowing like a river to a jazzier alternative universe. The group has amassed a large following across the country. With sympathetic lyrics and a soothing vocalist, the band is a sure-fire upper for any down day. The very least these boys would inspire is a midnight dance through the kitchen or a very interesting time in rush hour traffic. There is no cap to the musical talents of Y god Y, nor should there be. Grabbing attention from sites across the globe, Y god Y is a budding hit waiting for the right time to bloom.

Pageant Boys, a project by Alexander Sheppard, is a new start to a long and exciting career. Following Sheppard’s 15-year run with guitar-based jazz and soul music, the new concept has brought its fair share of flirtations with musical style crossovers, carrying a hint of Sheppard’s roots. A quick listen could easily measure this group to the melodic tunes of Postal Service, although slightly less depressing if possible. The group carries the excitement of all who listen and the anticipation of all who tune in. Pageant Boys has a few gigs in the near future, a delight to any who want even just a taste.

To catch some of these musical talents, and the many others throughout Kansas City, take a look at these local venues:

The Rino

Holy Cow Market and Music

Revolution Records

Mills Records

(Photo credit: The Rino)

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