Local band Pink Royal releases sophomore effort

Two years after the release of their debut album, Taps, local artist Pink Royal introduces their second project to Kansas City. Do You Mind is brilliantly composed by the indie rock quintet with guitarists Josh Dorrell, Nick Carswell and Steve LaCour, drummer Alex Hartmann, and keyboardist Vik G.

The EP commences with “The End (Can’t Go Back)” as Vik G. harmonizes vigorous guitar riffs with his angelic vocals. After this tune, there really is no turning away from the record. Flowing into the title track with some west coast lagoon-inspired strumming, Josh Dorrell provides vocals over a strong instrumental that is complimented by occasional polyphonic tones.

A progressive finger pick intro in “From High Above” draws you into the lyricism of the track as Vik G. sings from a victorious standpoint.

“Come along with me, where the pharaohs fly free/It’s empowering to see yourself up high above and know that you are towering; Entranced with lust, that is all that you are.”

After the following track, “Candid”, the project comes to a close with “Bring It on Back” as it urges you to actually bring the record back to track one. With some doo-wop background vocals, Vik G.’s soulful pipes persist as he awaits a seemingly unattainable lover.

“You’re asking me to stand on the corner/You’re asking me to stand outside all day, but baby I will wait for you forever.”

Keep your eyes and more importantly your ears open for future digital releases from these up-to-the-minute indie pop masters from KC. Until then, find them on Instagram as @pinkstagram_royal.

Pink Royal will be performing at the Record Bar on Friday, Sept. 22 at 7:30pm.

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