Life Coach for Students Emphasizes Balance

A&S Life Coach Austin Lentz helps students balance busy schedules or just a listening ear.

UMKC brought in Arts & Sciences Life Coach Austin Lentz this year. Lentz is also a student studying social work. His role as life coach includes helping students with any difficulties they may have.

Lentz tries to make sure students are doing okay. Since taking the position, around 20 students have reached out to him either in person or online, Lentz said.

One of the main reasons for online sessions is due to a systems called “Flags.” Students receive a “flag” when they are not doing well in one of their classes or require guidance. The Flags system allows Lentz to be readily available to students while also helping them sort out their issues. Lentz’s schedule varies in terms of how full it is.

“At one point I might have every single schedule spot filled,” said Lentz, “As of right now I don’t.”

With midterms and finals not that far away, Lentz’s schedule may fill up with students needing advice when it comes to testing and planning for study times. Lentz has even put in effort to let students know about the Life Coach services, such as informing incoming freshman and multicultural offices. He has also been leaving brochures and his business cards in places where students go for help.

Lentz has an organized schedule that keeps him grounded when it comes to work and home life. Both parts of his life are separate, thanks to past experiences as a social worker. He believes that it is possible to keep a balance between different aspects of your life with a little planning and scheduling.

“If your home life is not your home life,” said Lentz, “If there are not those clear defined boundaries between home, school, etcetera, then eventually that system will breakdown.”

Lentz is a well-rounded life coach willing to help any students who are having problems, whether it is school-related or about any personal issues, the main goal is to help students with any skills they need that can carry over into the other aspects of their life.

If any UMKC students need someone to talk about school issues or just need a listening ear, make an appointment through Blackboard Connect, email him at, or give him a call at 816-235-1446.

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