Friday, January 22, 2021
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Letter to the Editor

In her “How to” article, Annabelle Uwaemenyi offers hints about how to pass Philosophy 222, “Foundations of Logic and Scientific Method,” which can be taken to partially satisfy the math requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences.While she makes many good points, she got a few things wrong. For example, she claimed that “Profs. Frankel and Gale don’t allow students to come into the classroom late. They lock the doors.” But that’s wrong: we don’t lock our classroom doors. Such behavior would be rude, and create a fire hazard besides. However, Gale has been known to scowl quite loudly at latecomers. And contrary to what Ms. Uwaemenyi implied, we don’t take attendance, nor give “attendance points.” In addition, Ms. Uwaemenyi did not mention that Professor Dana Tulodziecki, another professor in the philosophy department, regularly teaches logic. Indeed Professor Tulodziecki is best logician in the department. Another thing Ms. Uwaemenyi missed was to suggest that students who find the material challenging should attend SI sessions. We both regularly use supplemental instructors in our classes. Our students find attending SI sessions very helpful in mastering logic. Frankel and Gale currently share the same supplement instructor, Ms. Taylor Liles. She is terrific. Students who have difficulties and attend her sessions typically improve their grades.


Professors Frankel and Gale

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