Monday, April 26, 2021
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Letter to the Editor

Noblise Oblige. (Nobility Obliges).

When you repeatedly do a superior job with photographs and informative text you inadvertently raise the bar of expectation.

Readers put the U-News up high on a pedestal alongside big city publications.

It is too easy to forget that the technical sophistication and readability of this year’s paper does not necessarily mean that the editors are 50 year old rotund leather skinned men smoking cigars.

OK, so you are just some college kids and this is really just your expected college twitter feed after all.

But, hey we can always dream. The sad truth is that freedom of speech means that you can talk whatever.

However, a newspaper by virtue of its perceived reputation of impartiality and professionalism must show greater decorum and restraint than to wallow in personal skirmishes that burst the bubble and give everyone a black eye.

I hope you steer the good ship “Enterprise” back out of the muck of political hardball and back to again inflating our expectations with a perception of politically balanced neutral coverage of news.

-David Kinred

P.S.: Nathan Zoschke does incredible city interest stories with equally great photos. Thanks!

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