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Letter to the Editor

This correspondence is in response to the Letter to the Editor [U-News Issue 6, Sept. 26, 2011] regarding Student Health and Wellness (SHW) not submitting insurance claims.

This frustration with claim processing is an opportunity for us, SHW, to clarify self-processing of an insurance claim.

Believe it or not, for the most part, self-processing claims with Aetna Student Health Insurance is easy. After the clinic visit, the insured student must pay for services that he or she received during the clinic visit. Payments may be made in the form of cash, check, or charged to one’s student account.

After payment, the student is given a walkout statement. This walkout statement consists of billing information needed to process a student’s claim by Aetna. The insured student then fills out a claim form. This claim form can be obtained from a SHW front desk, staff person. This claim form is a half sheet of paper consisting of name, address, phone number, and the mailing address for Aetna. This form is filled out by the student then attached to the walkout statement and mailed by the student to Aetna. Processing turn-around time is, in many instances, 7-10 days or less.

The student may receive a reimbursement check depending on the student’s coverage and services received.

Student Health and Wellness has discussed processing insurance claims from time to time. Currently we have opted to maintain a low overhead and keep our prices affordable. Many students who use Student Health and Wellness do not have insurance. Some of our students have insurance that have co-pays (an amount of money due at time of service paid by the insured student).

SHW prices are more affordable than many of these co-pays. Our prices on labs, immunizations, and professional services are either free or charged to the student at, or near cost (what SHW is charged by a vendor). For example, labs, such as complete blood count is $8.00 at SHW.

Many other clinics may charge $50 to $75 for the same test. A pap test is $35 at SHW and there is no office fee for the well woman examination. Other clinics in the midtown/Plaza area may charge $100 to $220 for the well woman office visit plus charge for the Pap test. Many of these area clinics have invested in a billing department to process insurance claims and they gladly take one’s insurance. For SHW, investing in a process for billing insurance, costs money.

These costs may include, computers, insurance/billing software, and personnel. These costs could potentially increase the affordable prices that SHW currently offers to all students.

At this time, SHW has prioritized convenient and affordable healthcare for both insured and uninsured students.

We have opted to assist the insured student with a simple self-processing procedure. If you have a question about self-processing your Aetna Student Health Insurance claim, please ask an associate at the check-in area or call SHW for further information.

Richard Lister, RN, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Acting Administrator Student Health and Wellness

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