Let’s Get Political: Sen. Sykes, sexual revolutions, and the State of the Union

  1. State of the Union: Tuesday evening, President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address, after a year filled with tax cuts, FBI investigations and lots of tweets. Trump delivered this speech in front of a joint session of congress, with Paul Ryan and Vice President Mike Pence at his side. His main points were the success of tax cuts, continuing to crack down on immigration and a call for bipartisanship.

    Former Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

    Former Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

  2. Republican Missouri Senate candidate Courtland Sykes received criticism this week over an interview in which he referred to women rights activists as “nail-biting, manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils” and explains he expects to come home to a dinner made by his fiancé every night.
  3. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback officially stepped down on Wednesday to begin his new position as the religious freedom ambassador under President Trump. In his last day in office, Brownback asked all Kansans to join him in a day of fasting and prayer. His replacement, Jeff Coyler, served under Brownback for seven years as lieutenant governor. After being sworn in, he promised a “new day” for Kansas.
  4. Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced a nearly $800 million tax cut plan. His proposal would cut the corporate tax rate by almost a third. Any Missourian in the top income bracket, earning more than $9,000 annually, will see a tax cut according to Greitens’ office.

    Missouri Gov. Eirc Greitens

    Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

  5. A 20-week abortion ban failed in the senate on Monday. The vote went 51 to 46, falling short of the 60 votes needed to pass.
  6. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley blamed the sexual revolution for sex trafficking. Hawley is the GOP front-runner for the Missouri Senate race in 2018, and many party members, including President Trump, have endorsed him. The comments were made during a December speech to Kansas City pastors.


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