Monday, March 8, 2021
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Let’s get political: A dog for governor, Russia for Trump, and raffles for rifles

Emily Reid

This weekly column gives a rundown of key political events that occurred in the past week. Let’s take a look at what happened this week in politics: 

Mueller presses charges

13 Russians indicted in Trump campaign (Source: CNN)

This week, 13 Russian nationals were charged with interfering in the 2016 election, using fake social media accounts, political rallies and advertisement supported by over 80 Russians out of St. Petersberg. An indictment filed last week by Robert Mueller, head of the Russia investigation, laid out exactly how Russia intervened in the election through social media, but has yet to announce if and how Trump’s campaign was in contact with members of the Russia team.

DeVos rolls back protections for transgender students

Betsy Devos proposed new regulations on transgender bathroom rights (Source: CNN)

Betsy Devos, Education Department Secretary, announced on Monday that the department would no longer be investigating transgender bathroom complaints. Revoking an Obama era regulation, this means transgender students no longer have the freedom to choose the bathroom they identify with, and it’s up to schools to decide their rules.

Angus for governor

Angus Wooley was disqualified from running in the Kansas governor race. (Source: The Wichita Eagle 

Angus Wooley, a 3-year-old wire terrier was disqualified from the Kansas Governor race on Tuesday, despite there being no rules against dogs running. In fact, there are no laws concerning who can run for office in Kansas— no age, experience, or species qualifications. Among Angus, six teens have joined the race for Kansas governor.

Stormy Daniels paid by Trump’s Attorney

Pres. Trump’s lawyer paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 for unknown reasons. (Source: The Cut)

Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in 2016. Daniels recently said an affair between her and Trump took place almost a decade ago. Cohen originally denied the allegation, but when there was suspicion the money came from campaign funds, Cohen admitted he paid her out of his own pocket. However, he did not acknowledge what the money was for.

Syed Jamal sees family

Syed Jamal sees his family through glass (Source: The Kansas City Star)

Syed Jamal, a Kansas chemistry teacher who was arrested by ICE last month, finally got to see his wife and children this week. Kansas Representative Lynn Jenkins introduced a piece of legislation last Wednesday to the judicial board that would allow Jamal and his wife to obtain permanent visas.

Missourians auctioning assault rifles

The AR-15, the semi- automatic assault rifle used in the Parkland shooting, is being raffled off in two events in the Kansas City area this week. In Neosho, Mo., third graders are selling the raffle tickets to support their baseball team. And a candidate in Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District, Tyler Tannahill, is auctioning off the rifle on his campaign website.

Coyler backs amendment to strip abortion rights

Gov. Jeff Coyler (Source: The Wichita Eagle)

Kansas Governor Jeff Coyler backed an amendment that would remove the right to abortion from the Kansas state constitution.

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