Friday, September 10, 2021
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Lecture illuminates connection between U.S. National Security, climate change

By Victoria Gomez

Distinguished professor of government and public policy Col. Lawrence Wilkerson spoke on Thursday, April 5, about U.S. National Security and climate change.

Wilkerson served 31 years in the Navy, then retired from active service and became an advisor to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Wilkerson explained how national security and climate change go hand-in-hand. Harmful climate change can cause storms that displace thousands of refugees. This raises a costly National Security concern as to where to relocate so many people.

Refugees can be the result of an increasing amount of hurricanes or tsunamis due to sea levels rising. Wilkerson stated clearly the path we are on, is to destruction.

He argued that the earth is getting warmer and warmer causing ice to melt, sea levels to rise and giving more power to storms.

Wilkerson expressed his grandchildren’s future drives him to improve policy today. He stated future children may not have clean drinking water if action is not taken now.

When the audience asked how to facilitate an impact, Wilkerson said grassroots movements were at the center of bringing positive climate change.

“People must become more committed and interested in making democracy work,” said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson expressed that taking action before the issue of climate change has no more room but our doorstep will be a difference between life or death.

(featured image credit: Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

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