Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Leave Chris Christie Alone

matt melson    If anyone has turned on the news in the past few weeks, you probably have seen a story about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his bridge scandal. For those of you who haven’t, the story is pretty simple.

Back in September of last year there were some lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, supposedly for a traffic study. This bridge connects New York City and Fort Lee.   As a result of the lane closures there were massive traffic jams in Fort Lee, N.J.

The Wall Street Journal stated after the traffic jams that there was probably something more to these lane closures. It turns out that officials from Christie’s reelection campaign wanted to shut down the lanes of traffic to “punish” the mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting Christie.

The scandal gained more public attention after e-mails and texts incriminating staffers of the campaign were released. There is still debate on whether Christie was aware of the lane closures but in an attempt to distance himself from the scandal Christie fired anyone from his campaign. The scandal is now being referred to as “Bridgegate.”

There are now allegations surfacing regarding misuse of Hurricane Sandy aid but so far Bridgegate is the only ongoing scandal involving Christie that has gained any traction.

If the other allegations prove to be false, then the media owes Christie an apology. If the worst thing this man did while in office was shut down two lanes of traffic on a bridge for a day, then the American public has gotten off easy.

The media should give Christie an apology for one reason: there have been sex scandals, affairs and government corruption that received less scrutiny than Christie did for this alleged retaliation.

I am not condoning the actions of the governor but the media needs to stop attacking Christie as if he just declared war on Fort Lee and released his plans to invade. He. Closed. Two. Lanes. Of. Traffic. That’s it.

Christie’s approval ratings dropped nearly 20 percent after this scandal broke. That 20 percent is a result of a media blitz criticizing Christie. Should Christie’s number have dropped? That is debatable, but losing such a significant amount of support on an almost miniscule act of revenge is almost comical.

I feel like the citizens of those areas should be reminded that the mayor of Toronto admitted to smoking crack and has ritualistic drunken rants on a monthly basis. Again, they should consider themselves lucky.

Your opinion of Christie is irrelevant. The point is that that this man is truly getting the wrong end of a media massacre. Yes, his apology speech was incredibly long– about 107 minutes– but when you have been slandered all day long by every media outlet in the nation, there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done.

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