Friday, October 22, 2021
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Learning to Love Lawyers

It’s hard out there for a lawyer. That’s why the University of Missouri- Kansas City’s School of Law recently did a little something to give back to the attorneys of the community by organizing “Be Kind to Lawyers” Day.

Lawyers can get a bad rap. In popular culture they are often portrayed as slimy, self-involved, ambulance chasers. And everyone has their go to joke or anecdote. However, attorneys in the real world are highly skilled professionals, working in high stress environments, and working constantly to protect their clients or the public at large. Law school can require up to six figures and the better part of a decade. Whether they are public defenders or district attorneys, they likely spend every day of the week seeing people on the worst days of their lives.

Manager of Law School Marketing and Communications, Alyssa Baker, described the process that led to Be Kind to Lawyers Day.

“Back in the fall, I stumbled upon the fact that ‘Love Your Lawyer Day’ was a holiday on November 6,” Baker said. “We discussed doing something the next time this day came around in the fall. That was until we found out there was another day dedicated to lawyers in the spring, on April 12, called, ‘Be Kind to Lawyers Day.’ From there, it sprang forward.”

Baker, along with Cary Powers, Alumni and Constituent Relations Officer, and Jean Klosterman, Director of Special Projects for the School of Law, scheduled a breakfast for alumni, faculty, and special friends of the program. Baker also made a logo and gave coffee mugs adorned with the design to the event’s attendees.

“No fuss,” Baker said. “No big commitment. Just breakfast, a one-of-a-kind coffee mug and our show of appreciation.”
Be Kind to Lawyers Day turned out to be a success. Baker described the event.

“We probably had about 30-45 attendees, which is about what we were expecting, and it was all good buzz coming out the doors,” Baker said. “Our graduates seemed pleased and seemed to be appreciated — exactly what we were hoping!”

The group wants to turn this event into a yearly occurrence.

“We definitely think we will continue this event and perhaps switch it up to a happy hour or something of the sort in the future,” Baker said. “With this being our first year, the event is sure to evolve a bit each year to figure out how to get more people interested and find out if there is something extra we can do to show our appreciation for our lawyers.”

For a career path and program like law, things like this event can go a long ways to showing appreciation. Hopefully other programs and groups will take notice of the School of Law’s efforts and eventually there will be no need for a Be Kind to Lawyers Day.

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