Sunday, October 24, 2021
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KU Med doctor argues against gun culture in the US

A trauma expert may not seem like a potential source of political commentary, but the University of Kansas Health System’s Robert D. Winfield, M.D., provided his own discourse on guns in Kansas City and the United States in a speech at the Student Union last week.

Dr. Winfield is the acting head of trauma and concurrent care at KU Med. There were some medical references in his conversation, but much of the talk dealt with the political ramifications of guns and the people that end up using them.

A former gun owner himself, Winfield made it clear he had changed his views on owning a gun, saying he reached a point where he no longer felt safe having one in his household.

Winfield also discussed President Trump and his stances on gun control. In 1989, Trump argued for getting “tough on crime” and utilizing more rigorous crime prevention tactics. Winfield critiqued this approach, saying it was too tough and was more brawn than brains.

Winfield expressed his discontent with the violence rates in St. Louis and Kansas City. He showed a map of Kansas City on how racially divided it has been to this day, saying that such a division interacted negatively with gun violence.

Winfield also compared the level of violence in the U.S. to other countries in the developed world, with the homicide rate of the U.S. being one of the worst. Winfield considered gun violence to make up a significant portion of this number.

Winfield was critical of how the response to gun violence is handled in this country.

“We have to have a more diverse group at the table,” he said.

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