Saturday, October 16, 2021
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KCI changes things up

Kaley Patterson    When I heard that the Kansas City International Airport was planning on going under construction, all I could think was how stupid of an idea that was. But, the Kansas City Council’s transportation committee believes that their initiative is well thought out and that KCI is in desperate need of a remodel.

I know many students who have to travel to go back home for breaks, not to mention the much needed beach trip during spring break. With the airport planning on going under construction, it will be harder for students to get tickets to go home.

The airport is planning on closing Terminals B and C, and bringing the airport closer together. They say this transformation will bring the Kansas City International Airport into the future. When the airport is under construction, which will take six years, there will be a high demand for plane tickets but fewer planes coming to Kansas City and going out.

If a student cannot find a way to get a ticket, they will have to find other ways of getting home or back to Kansas City. Driving and taking trains take a long time. Personally, I would not want to spend more time traveling on the road, or waiting another day for a different plane.

I want to know I will have the option of going home if I need to. I do not want the airport to restrict me from seeing my family or getting back to school on time. What if a student has a family emergency and cannot get home in time because they cannot get a plane ticket? Not only will it be a strain to students from the states, but it will definitely be a strain for those who are international students.

Traveling is a hassle already. Why does Kansas City feel like they need to complicate things? Not only is it going to be a hassle for us students, but it will also be hard for businesses that travel to and from Kansas City.

When Kansas City International makes the change, there will only be 37 gates compared to the 90 there are now. The only up side to this change is that there is a better chance that luggage will not get lost in the system and that there will be roughly 1,800 new construction jobs. But, this still does not help the traveling student or business person. It is difficult enough for students to travel, and now the changes will make things tougher.


Author: Kaley Patterson

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