KC Chakra brings Bollywood dance to UMKC

The term Bollywood may or may not be recognized by the average UMKC student. It refers generally to India’s version of Hollywood, centered in Mumbai. Fusion, in terms of music, is a combination of two or more musical styles. 

Three times a week, KC Chakra, a recently formed competitive Bollywood fusion dance team led by club president Neal Shah, can be found practicing in Swinney. Shah said Bollywood, in the club’s terms, refers to a style of dance that originated in India.

“Being a Bollywood fusion team means that we include many different styles in our performances; contemporary, hip hop, Bhangra, classical are a few others,” said Sah. “Bollywood fusion teams include traditional Indian dance styles, while including more Western styles.”

As to when and where KC Shakra will compete, Shah says the group will travel to different competitions around the country based on where their applications are accepted.

“Our goal for the fall semester was to make a competition—which we did—as well as learn enough choreography to prepare for the spring competitions,” said Shah. 

Shah said those interested can reach out to one of the captains on the team.

Gauri Shankar is a third-year medical student and one of the captains of KC Chakra. Shankar also participates in the Medical School Advisory Council, Golden Key and Sojourner’s Health Clinic, so she appreciates KC Chakra as a break from academia.

“While dance is a big time commitment, I thoroughly enjoy it, and it allows me an outlet to pursue non-academic interests during my time at UMKC,” Shankar explained. “It also serves as a stress reliever from my classes.”

To help cover costs associated with travel and competitions, the group hosts fundraisers throughout the year. The next one will be held at Yogurtini on Oct. 15.


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