Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Kansas City vs. St. Louis

The women’s basketball team faced off against University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Wednesday night at Swinney. The game started off slow, offensively, for the Roos, but things quickly picked up.

The first quarter had a slow pace, as both teams sized each other up and struggled to make buckets. It wasn’t until two minutes in that the Roos managed their first score.

Junior Paige Husa said, “I thought our energy was really good, [but] we definitely needed to work on our defense a little bit more.”

UMSL took the lead as the Roos had a hard time with their defense. Offensively, UMKC was only able to tally up eight points at the end of the first quarter to UMSL’s 10.

A small pep talk was all the Roos needed to make improvement in the second quarter. They began by tying the game, and then pestered UMSL into missed shots and 12 turnovers for the night.

With a three point advantage at 13-10, UMKC fought to keep the lead.

Junior Kristen Moore shooting behind the free throw line. (Caption | Nancy Rivera
Junior Kristen Moore shooting behind the free throw line. (Caption | Nancy Rivera

After an inbound pass, a UMSL player found a teammate alone across half court. Junior Kiana Law saw this and was swift with the block, causing her and her opponent to collide. Teammate Kristen Moore did not let Law’s efforts go to vain — she grabbed the ball and knocked down a reverse layup.

The Roos held their lead and even outscored UMSL in the second half. They ended the second quarter with a 23-16 score. The half-time break had no effect on them as their energy continued much the same for the third quarter, only this time, UMSL’s offense had improved. Both teams were knocking down one basket after the other. The coaches began to shout from the sidelines, too.

Law pump faked twice near the free-throw line, giving the Roos a ten point lead; the largest lead of the night. They continued that lead well into the fourth quarter. Fourth quarter started out much the same as the first, with neither team able to score in the first couple of minutes. Junior Samantha Waldron set the game back in motion, knocking down a three-point shot. Soon the Roos were up by 19.

UMSL’s defense wavered near the end of the fourth quarter but the Roos continued to play strong. They finished the night with a 60-45 win. Waldron ended up with the team-high, 13 points. Senior guard Ceidra Coleman had the second highest points with 12. She also had six rebounds. The Roos have a season record of 5-3 so far. They will play against Omaha at the Municipal Auditorium for the “Kansas City Day” event.



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