Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Kansas City athletics trainers share advice on dealing with injuries

One of the worst things an athlete can hear is that they will miss a game due to injury. With injuries being as common as they are, the Kansas City Athletics Department does whatever is necessary to keep athletes on the field.

“Our job is to make sure that they train safely, that way they don’t get hurt, and we can keep them on the field,” said Strength and Conditioning Coach Clint Dominick. “If they don’t know how to lift correctly, that puts them at risk for an injury, so teaching good technique is our primary means.”

The majority of sports-related injuries that occur are ankle sprains. Since the majority of ankle sprains are mild, athletic trainers work with the injured athlete to get them back on the field as soon as possible.

“The first thing we do is try to restore those things so we can at least get the joint moving normally,” Head Athletic Trainer Charles Emerson said. “Eventually, we have to get them to be as strong as they were and the joint as stable as it was before the injury. By being out at practice and having your body go through the normal movements, it reinforces those movements, and in my opinion, gets you back from an injury faster versus sitting out and not doing anything.”

Athletes who train harder and more frequently in the weight room are less likely to suffer from injuries than those who do not.

“Research has shown that an athlete that has strength trained is more resilient to injury, and if they do get hurt, they typically come back faster having been strength trained,” Dominick said. “Strength training is a form of injury prevention. If you know how to lift correctly, you’re less likely to get hurt.”


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