Kangaroos Defend Home Court

It’s that time of year again. Conference volleyball season. The Roos were a little more focused, they warmed up a little harder, and they began the match winning the first game against CSU Bakersfield 25-20 and Grand Canyon 25-14.
The Roos won Thursday against CSU Bakersfield and Saturday against Grand Canyon to boost their conference record to 3-2 in the WAC.
The women’s volleyball team played a total of five sets in their match against Grand Canyon. UMKC won the first two sets but GC won the next two that followed. Fans were in full force as they cheered on the Roos and watched the intense match,
The final fifth set determined the match. Both teams had two wins. Each team attacked each other but it reamined fairly even, allowing only a two point lead for most of the game. The turning point in the game came at the 8-7 point mark. The Roos took the lead and kept their defense up, resulting in their win.

The Roos took the first two sets in the game with ease, having no trouble at all to be in the lead. During the 16-10 run, one of the KC players hit the ball way out of bonds but they quickly saved the ball allowing Devan Porter to spike it on the other side. The Roos had a 20-11 lead when Porter made another attack. After a timeout call, UMKC fans cheered for free volleyballs which were being tossed around to those cheering the loudest. They won the first set 25-13.

Though the energy for the Roos was high, the team struggled to maintain momentum against Grand Canyon at the start of the second set, until the 7-11 run where the Roos made a comeback. Credit goes to Madison Mosier’s spiked attack, which put the Roos one point away from being tied, wrecking the rhythm Grand Canyon built.

Devin Porter spiking ball against Grand Canyon

Devin Porter spiking ball against Grand Canyon

During the game point for the second set, GC bench players were shouting to encourage their teammates but UMKC fans stood up, clapped, and chanted louder. Roos won the second match and much of the hype was still there. However, going into the third set, GC appeared to be a different team as they took the lead for the entire game. They blocked almost every attack. Around the 9-15 run, a net violation was called on UMKC. Coach Christi Posey protested the call, but the referees did not change their minds. GC won the third match with a 19-24 points.

For much of the fourth match, UMKC had the lead until GC slowly creeped up on the Roos. The two teams were eventually tied on a block thanks to GC. After being tied, the Roos were unable to keep up their lead and GC would take the match.

UMKC played four games against CSU Bakersfield, winning the first two. They then put the match on cruise control and still almost managed to win the third game.

With the score 23-24, the next point took two minutes to decide. The referees first indicated CSU scored, then flip-flopped and gave the point to UMKC. After changing their minds again, Coach Christi Posey protested their indecision which resulted in a bench yellow card.

Emma Hagedorn had a notable match with 17 kills out of the team’s 62. Mosier, Porter, and Alicia Harrington also contributed 13, respectably. Harrington was responsible for scoring the Roos’ final few points of the fourth match.

Mosier was a “doink” specialist in the first game against CSU. She fooled the defense when she lofted the ball over opponent blockers instead of spiking it, and to their frustration, the ball dropped behind them.


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