Friday, October 22, 2021
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“Just doing their job” What it’s like working as a UMKC parking attendant

Alex Nason is a full-time freshman at UMKC, but he’s not just any student. He’s the one giving out parking tickets.

Nason works part-time as a parking attendant, and he said the job isn’t as bad as some may think.

The position does come with its fair share of inconveniences, however, such as dealing with angry people who receive tickets.

Nason described an instance where a woman attempting to use a Metropolitan Community College parking pass became upset after getting a ticket.

Overall, however, parking attendants rarely have much interaction with people and spend most of the job alone.

Weather is another inconvenience for parking attendants, Nason said. 99-degree days don’t sit well with a profession that requires you to walk in the blistering sun.

“The other day I wore my uniform vest over a black shirt, and it was intensely hot,” Nason said. “After my shift was over, I took off the vest, and there was a big puddle of sweat on my shirt.”

Many of Nason’s accounts mirror those of 22-year-old UMKC Junior, Omar Ibrahim, another part-time parking attendant.

One of Ibrahim’s biggest irritants is all the walking.

“I walk about five to seven miles a day,” Ibrahim said. “I get a really good work out by having this job.”

Both Nason and Ibrahim give out 20-30 parking tickets in a four-hour shift. The most common reason for receiving a ticket is not having a UMKC-issued parking pass, they said. UMKC parking attendants do not have a quota to reach.

They also had advice to give students.

The two places you’re more likely to receive a ticket are the Cherry Hill and Rockhill parking garages, and placing an old ticket on your windshield won’t get you out of a ticket, as parking attendants check them.

If you’re a student without a parking pass, street parking on Holmes Street and East 50th Streets are great options, Nason and Ibrahim said.

According to the Director of Parking and Transportation Michelle Cone, there were about 6,500 parking passes sold this semester for roughly 5,300 parking slots (including metered spaces).

Being a parking attendant isn’t easy, so next time you receive a ticket, it may be better to pay it and move on rather than get mad at a fellow student for doing their job.

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