Monday, April 12, 2021
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Indus Formal brings India home

Students danced the night away during the Indus Formal last Friday evening at The Masquerade Hall.

The formal hosted by UMKC Indus, an organization focusing on cultures from Southeast Asia, is one of the organization’s most anticipated events of the year.

The hall was filled with students dressed elegantly in beautifully embroidered clothing. The night included music played by a DJ and live drummer.

“We host all these events to help the people who move far away from home. A lot of people are Indian, and we want to provide a little piece of home to them,” said UMKC Indus President Athira Nambiar. “For people who don’t experience this, we want to provide them that experience.”

Nambiar explained the theme of the formal, Befikre, means carefree.

“As you can see, everyone’s just having a fun time. All our tests ended, most of us are all med-school students, so it’s just a good time to let loose and have fun,” added Varoon Kumar, the UMKC Indus secretary.

Coupled with the dance, the organization added a best-dressed segment to the formal, where attendees could drop a name of any person they thought was the best dressed at the event.

“It’s hard to choose because a lot of people usually come in really nice dresses. Girls will come in sarees, lenghas, half-sarees and just a bunch of different clothes. Normally it’s really bright colors with a lot of embroidery on it,” said Nambiar.

The Indus formal is one of the organization’s two big events. In addition to the formal, UMKC Indus hosts the Indus Talent Show each year in the spring semester.

In contrast to the formal’s food and dance, they welcome people to put together acts such as singing, dancing or any other talents in the Indus Talent Show.

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