Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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I Don’t Obamacare About Your Arguments

With the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, certain problems have come up during the last few weeks. The biggest problem is the functionality of the website.

The whole debate began back in 2010 with the passing of the health care law, which provides affordable health care to everyone within the United States. There were many provisions that allowed for this act to be influential in the health care world. For example,  you cannot be dropped by your coverage if you become ill or make a mistake on your application. This upset many insurance companies because this was their way to screw people out of health care.

The act also expands Medicare, allows young adults to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26 and gives small businesses tax credits for providing its employees with health insurance. This combination of changes made for what seemed to be a great act to pass for the American public. Right?

Wrong. It was only a matter of time until it became more about politics and less about helping people. There was a brief period of time where there was some hope but that was before the political bantering between the two sides started. What seemed like a great step forward for this nation turned into a garbled mess of political rants.

The first issue that came up was the idea of “Obama Death Panels.” This was a made-up argument claiming the policy would involve panels of judges that would evaluate the living to see if they were worthy of staying alive after they became sick. I know… spooky.  Three years since the passing of this act, Obamacare is now in full swing, and I still have yet to hear about anyone being sentenced to death by one of these panels.

Fast forward to the most recent issue: the website that people are using to apply for the new affordable health care. Many people are not able to apply, some have to do the application multiple times before it goes through and for others,  the website has not worked at all. While this is a very frustrating part of the process for those trying to apply for health care, it is not necessarily because the site is dysfunctional.  Overwhelming traffic to the website has made it difficult for the servers processing the information to keep up.

These have been the two biggest issues to come out after the passing of Obamacare.  The arguments against the Affordable Care Act literally have gone from a something you’d find in a Stephen King novel to “uh well, I mean…uh the website doesn’t even work. I mean come on.” Seriously?

I am all for democracy and having differing points of view but when did we go from intelligent civil discourse to bickering, shouting and incoherently rambling like a mad man? This nation deserves better than what its government has been giving it. There has to be a time when politicians stop worrying about whether or not they are going to be re-elected and do what is truly best for the American public.     The Affordable Health Care Act may not be perfect and the website may not function at times but that does not mean the people we elect can now act like four-year-olds and go on tantrums because something passed that they did not support. If there are actual problems that arise from this act such as more deaths, more insurance companies going bankrupt or some death panels start showing up then there is cause for alarm. But if the only major problem you have right now is that the website is not functioning properly, then I don’t Obamacare about your argument.


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