Sunday, September 12, 2021
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How one student survives a summer internship

Internship season is coming up, and for those of you that might be a little nervous, remember that others have survived.

Abigail Croy, a UMKC graduate, has had several internships and made it out alive with the experience needed to survive the professional world after college.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get out of your comfort zone,” Croy said. “Remember, as an intern, you don’t have to know everything yet.”

Croy received her summer internship at Barkley, a marketing and advertising agency, in downtown Kansas City. The focus of her internship, which began at the start of June and ended at the beginning of August, was content and engagement.

Croy was part of a team of interns and managed eight Bass Pro shops’ social media on a daily basis.

Croy tracked, reported and evaluated social media analytics weekly and compiled monthly analytic reports. She also monitored the industry to provide useful research for clients.

Croy worked with a team of interns to create marketing campaigns for companies like Dairy Queen, Big Brother and Big Sister. Her team presented its campaigns to both the agency and the company’s corporate marketing team.

It might sound intimidating, but Croy said presenting for Dairy Queen’s corporate marketing team was one of her favorite memories. She loved working with a team and being able to create a campaign they were really proud of.

Croy had to work 40 hours a week, with overtime required frequently. She admitted the internship required a lot of time and attention, and she found herself putting work before everything else.

“The most difficult part of my internship was finding a healthy work/life balance,” said Croy.

Although internships may not always be easy, Croy said the experience is worth it because she acquired the practical knowledge needed to work at an advertising agency, which helped her easily adjust to entering the professional world after graduation.

“From this experience, I learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration,” said Croy. “I also learned the valuable lesson of time management and how to work in a professional environment.”

To students about to enter their first internship, Croy expressed the importance of networking during an internship.

“Pick the brains of the professionals around you—ask them to lunch and be willing to learn from them,” Croy said.

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