Honors College Showcases Student Work

Seven students presented their thesis work in the Honors College, helping to boost its status at UMKC and in the Midwest region.

The presentations chosen for display Wednesday were of varying disciplines. One of these presentations, by Alexa Sproles, focused on English and a concurrent text penned by Sir Thomas Malory. There were also presentations from students working in political science, engineering and psychology, to name a few.

Professor Gale Levy of the French Department and Director of the Honors College was enthused about the progress that the presentations highlighted

“I love that slowly but surely students from every unit on campus are choosing to research and write an honors thesis,” she said.

First-year student Tyler Thario was surprised by how engaging the students’ work was.

“I admit, I enjoyed it more then I originally thought I would have,” he said.

The presentation format was included a brief introduction by Levy, followed by a walk-through style presentation where audience members learned about the students’ work at their leisure.



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