Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Guns Now Available for Purchase at UMKC Bookstore

You might notice that things look a little a different this week. That’s because in honor of April Fool’s Day (we know, we’re late), we’ve dedicated an entire issue to fake news! Remember, all of these articles are satire—not real. We’ll return to regular news next week. In the meantime, check out some of our stories!

Students should feel safer than ever now that the UMKC bookstore offers firearms and requisite training to all with a student ID.

Following the April 1 passing of Senate Bill 589 (SB 589)—allowing conceal and carry on Missouri campuses—the university made an effort to allow students to take advantage of the bill.

“I feel so much safer walking to my classes knowing that I have a gun at my side should the situation ever arise where I need to defend myself,” said UMKC sophomore Jack Johnson.

Johnson and many other students like him have already attended the bookstore’s free conceal-and-carry class, purchasing their own firearm and holster upon completion.

Only a short time has passed since SB 589 went in to effect and already numerous permits have been granted.

“With so many students having the ability to pack heat, I find it hard to believe there will be any more crimes on campus,” said Miranda Lawson, a UMKC junior. “I’d imagine that anyone who has ever tried to rob someone on campus would think twice now.”

According to UMKC bookstore staff, the university has plans to offer more than basic conceal–and-carry courses as well as handguns.

In the coming weeks, the university intends to open a student and faculty firing range in the Swinney Rec Center. There, students will be able to hone their skills with their firearms after signing in at the front desk, similar to the other facilities in Swinney. Students who do not yet own guns will also be able to check out a weapon for use on the firing range.

According to representatives for the UMKC police department, their officers are eager to see the impact that SB 589 will have on the crime rate on campus.

“Honestly, it makes our job much easier. Having armed students should deter any wrongdoers from acting out,” said the representative.

Any students who have yet to do so can sign up for conceal and carry classes at the UMKC bookstore. Upon completing the class they can then purchase any of a variety of firearms available there. All purchases include complimentary holster and ammunition.

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