Sunday, January 16, 2022
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“Gravity” Takes Audience to New Heights


“Life in space is impossible.” That crisp statement of scientific fact starts “Gravity” and gets the attention of the audience. A speck in the distance set against an infinite blackness grows closer and closer until it’s clear the audience is seeing actual people, more than 300 miles above Earth, working on the Hubble Telescope.

Directed by Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuaron, and starring Sandra Bullock as a novice engineer and George Clooney as mission commander, this thriller pulls audience members into the infinite realm of deep space.

The film is centered on the defiance of possibility and the reason for being. Through all the stunning visuals, “Gravity” is concerned with the inner emotions of humans and explores the concept in a direct and simple manner. It’s about how space can be a wondrous and unforgiving place but it’s also about earthly human truths: love and loss, perseverance and redemption.

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