Friday, January 28, 2022
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Graduate candidates show off skills in conservatory concert

A complicated mix of classical and modern pieces were at the disposal of several graduate candidates during Saturday’s performance at Central United Methodist Church.

The performance itself was superb, with graduate student Mackenzie Williams leading the way on oboe and English horn.

The first piece was by Johann S. Bach, Sonata in G Minor for Flute and Piano, BMW 1020 with three movements of slightly varying lengths.

The piano gave a strong start to the piece, with the oboe working its way into the piece. Both the piano and oboe tended to parry off each other throughout all three movements. The second movement was unusually soft in overall tone, as was the ending of the third movement.

Quiet City, a modern piece by Aaron Copland, was the most intriguing of all of the offerings.

Abby Green did a commanding job on the trumpet, although the oboe kept sufficient pace with her. The piano played an enriching background role throughout most of the piece, but that added to the unique feel and texture of it.

The three oboes had significant interplay in the third piece by Ludwig Van Beethoven. It was quite a team effort throughout, with no one, even the featured Williams, attempting to overcrowd or dominate the piece.

After a brief intermission, there was a fourth piece by Sergi Rachmanioff, Vocalise. The piece had a rather pronounced cello, but the piano was more at the forefront. The piece was modern, much like Quiet City.

The last piece, by Antonio Pasculli, featured piano and English horn, with the piano by Jieqing Wang and the horn by Williams. The layout of the piece was similar to the first piece by Bach.

There were a few minor changes in tempo as well as a few minor piano solos.

Soft chemistry of the piano and the English horn was also featured. At the end of the piece the piano bowed out, letting the English horn rise to prominence.

Esther Seitz, cello player in Saturday’s performance, was definitely enraptured by Williams and her performance.

“Mackenzie displayed both artistry and virtuosity in her playing,” she said.

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