Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Got Milk? | Kye Colors shines with new mixtape


Hip-Hop artist, Kye Colors, recently ensured you won’t be able to overlook the 17-year-old artist when it comes to the Kansas City music scene.

Previously dropping several projects and music videos, Colors has been growing his hip-hop resume. This includes his song “Midas” which sports over 16,000 plays on Soundcloud, popular music site.

Colors was featured in a local cypher music video last year resulting with a write-up in the Kansas City Star. Fast forward to this summer, he was featured in The Pitch as he prepared for his debut release. With all of the well-deserved hype surrounding him, he has released a nine-song project that lives up to what people have been waiting for.

Milk is Nasty” explores Colors’ life as a 17-year-old rapper who holds the attention of the city right now.

He raps about growing up, his relationship’s, being counted out, and more. With such an interesting title, I wondered if it was a metaphor.

“It’s not,” said Colors “I just don’t like milk.”

This statement alone should urge you want to listen.

Endorsed by popular Kansas City based Hip-Hop artist Gee Watts—notable for his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9NE—Colors has been pushed to the forefront of Watts’ CaviArt music crew, the first artist to release a project from the crew.

In addition to rapping (and being a pretty complete artist for his age) he’s also a producer, as he mixed all but one beat on the tape.

Complete with storytelling that would make The Notorious B.I.G. smile, Colors captures the hearts of local hip-hop fans with slick-talking wordplay, metaphors, samples and more.

The intro track, “Special,” opens up with clip of two men talking about a 16-year old music prodigy who makes them feel old. Kye then opens up about being a Black male who grew up in a two-parent home, his dire to be great through the outlet of music, and the various traumas he’s experienced in his young life.

This leads to the most notable song on the project (besides “House Party,” which was the single released three months before), “Warning.”

Warning is a catchy underdog anthem that announces he’s arrived. “Niggas thought it was a drought, I thunderstormed you niggas/everybody had doubts but I warned you niggas.”

He continues to show and prove why listeners believe the hype.

Along with the self determined attitude in “Raygun,” the thrilling story in “House Party,” the relationship battle in “Places and Things,” and Kansas City slang laced “Boosie” featuring Gee Watts, the mixtape is a very solid listen—lyrically impressive.

It’s length is perfect as it provides a variety of styles and content in just nine tracks, though it leaves you wanting more.

Milk is Nasty does have its flaws. Some of the mixing from track to track doesn’t flow and it makes some lyrics hard to hear. But won’t find a better project from a 17-year-old artist like Colors. Especially in Kansas City, the place where his colorful art is about to take off.

Stream the new project on Soundcloud here: Also find Colors on Twitter or Instagram and see where he’s playing next!

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