Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Getting the most out of Health and Wellness

As college students, we all stress sometimes. As UMKC students, we have many resources to help reduce and eliminate stress. Many of these resources are academically based, but one important resource students need to know about is the Health and Wellness Center.

Students often struggle financially, and health care can add to that problem. UMKC students have a benefit that some other universities don’t offer.

The Health and Wellness Center offers most of what your primary care doctor does, but it’s already included in your student fees. The only things you have to pay for include: lab work, medications and immunizations. The nurse practitioners can also help guide to affordable outside resources.

The Wellness Center at 4825 Troost is not located in the heart of campus, but is just a half a mile east. The metro, which is free to all UMKC students, also stops at the center coming from both the main campus and Hospital Hill.

The crew working with the patients includes four nurse practitioners. There is also a doctor who comes in once a week for a half day, in case there are any questions, issues or concerns. If there is something out of their hands such as X-rays, prescriptions for controlling conditions like ADHD, complex mental health visits, or stiches they will recommend a specialist or another clinic in the KC Metro Area.

Kellie James, a nurse practitioner at the Health and Wellness Center, has some advice for UMKC students.

“Student health can be utilized like your primary care doctor at home. We have the ability to refer out if needed. This is a good place to check first, to see if there is something we can do.”

The Wellness Center is open year round and closed for the same holidays as the rest of campus. The hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Friday, and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.

Walk-ins are not accepted, so please make an appointment online or call 816-235-6133. Only UMKC students are eligible for services.

The Wellness Center sees about 6,500 students a year on average. Right now there are about 15,750 students enrolled at UMKC. Why aren’t more students utilizing this resource?

Senior Alex Dorton did. Dorton is from the St. Louis area and has lived on campus each semester she as attended UMKC. She woke up one morning with awful pains in her side and called all the clinics around town, but unfortunately they were all booked. She decided to call a friend who knew the KC Metro Area well for advice.

“My friend asked me if I had heard about the Wellness Center on campus,” Dorton said. “When I told her I hadn’t, she acted like I was crazy and told me to set up an appointment. So, I called the Wellness Center immediately and they got me in that day.”

Take advantage of the resources you’ve already paid for. UMKC’s website is a great place to explore your resources. For more information about the Health and Wellness Center, visit them online through UMKC’s A-Z index.

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