Funnel Cake and Fiesta Hispaña

Jessie Serrata performed a rendition of "We Belong Together."

Fiesta Hispaña 2016 filled downtown Kansas City with three days of Latin American culture for Kansas Citians at Barney Allis Plaza this past weekend.

On Saturday, Fiesta Hispaña hosted a Tejano night, starting with a couple of Tejanos bands. Tejano music is the name given to various forms of folk and popular music from the Mexican-American populations of Texas.

The most interesting performance was by Jessy Serrata, who sung famous songs, including a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.” He kept the event upbeat with much enthusiasm and crowd control.

Event attendees Dominique Kelly and Elsa Garrido found the music to be very moving. “I thought it was very cultural, the music was very rooting,” said Kelly.

“It hyped me up!” said Garrido. It seemed the music was able to keep both Kelly and Garrido in a good mood during all the festivities.

The event provided family friendly activities that everyone could enjoy. The children had a bouncy house, light up toys and cool crafts to have with, while the adults had different Latin American foods and drinks to go along with the good music.

Out of all the food booths at Fiesta Hispaña, the most popular seemed to be the Funnel Cake tent. The booth sold $6 Funnel Cakes all night. Everyone had the choice of cinnamon, apple, cherry, or chocolate. From the looks of all plates, cinnamon was deemed a crowd favorite.

For Kelly and Garrido the funnel cakes were the highlight of the night.

Fiesta Hispaña had a great turnout for its 31st annual celebration of Latin American cultures. It is definitely something the family can enjoy every year.

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