Friday, May 27, 2022
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Full-time student and employee—how can it be done?

Angela Faherty is one of many students who work to support themselves through school.
Faherty has worked as a stylist at NIKE for over a year. She is a very motivated worker and truly loves her job.

“My job can be frustrating at times, but seeing smiles on customers faces makes it all worth it,” Faherty said.
The communications major works full time to support herself. She is also taking 18 credit hours, which she says is pretty intense.

“My life gets a little hectic with working and going to school,” said Faherty. “I work about 40 hours a week, and I go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I rarely have time for myself, and it gets pretty frustrating sometimes.”
Sometimes her life isn’t so glamorous.

“My social life is limited because of the amount of work I put on myself,” Faherty explained. “It’s kind of upsetting sometimes because I want to go out with my friends or stay home to watch Netflix instead of working or doing homework.”
The senior is showing others that it is possible to go to school and work. She does all of this while maintaining a good GPA. Faherty says she hates to fail, so she is always doing the right thing, and she gets her work done right and on time.
Faherty is not the only one who works to support themselves. Many students have part-time, and even full-time jobs, along with going to school.
The UMKC campus has many job opportunities for students who want to work while attending college. The Roo Career Network has many job postings for students, and the hours are very flexible and work with student schedules.

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