From emphasis to potential major: Will Anthropology claim its own title at UMKC?

Ally Hanson

While scrolling through a UMKC course catalog, you can find sociology as a popular major offered at UMKC. Although many students are currently pursuing this degree, some want to deepen their study.

That’s where anthropology comes into play.

At UMKC, broad majors such as sociology, communication studies and psychology offer students the option to declare an “emphasis” within their program. In the sociology department, anthropology stands out as an extremely popular choice.

Associate sociology professor Jennifer Huberman says that the Anthropology department is growing.

“We are currently exploring the option to make anthropology a stand-alone major,” Huberman stated. “Our next step is to offer it as an undergraduate degree.”

However, one obstacle the department faces is a lack of professors to teach these courses. If UMKC looks into expanding anthropology, the department, number of professors and courses will need to expand.

UMKC’s sociology department and the anthropology emphasis, in particular, has opened incredible opportunities for many of its graduates.

“We had a recent graduate get accepted into three PhD programs,” Huberman said.

The University of London offered another UMKC graduate admission to pursue her masters in anthropology, and a UMKC graduate has also recently gone on to pursue his PhD at Cornell University.

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