Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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food critic’s corner: Blue Bird Bistro offers quality organic

Classic Eggs Benedict with potatoes on the side. Photo by Najid Ali
Classic Eggs Benedict with potatoes on the side.
Photo by Najid Ali

Like many Americans today, I have become increasingly aware of the quality of food I buy and eat.

I am wary of the many processed, supermarket products and produce available. There are so many food products that utilize gene modification, pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals in order to produce larger and faster amounts of vegetables and meat.

These products have been used in restaurants for many years. Thanks to increased awareness and interest in naturally grown food, there has been a steady increase in restaurants specializing in organic ingredients. An amazing restaurant that specializes in organic and locally grown food is Blue Bird Bistro.

Blue Bird Bistro is an eclectic small restaurant located in the city’s west side at 1700 Summit St. It is surrounded by many other unique restaurants and the whole area has a colorful and fun vibe.

Walking up to the restaurant, it is easy to notice the establishment’s trademark “blue bird” hovering above the entrance. As I stepped inside, I felt like I was being transported back in time.

From the bar to the original tin ceiling, I couldn’t help but be marveled by the intricate details of the historic building that houses the bistro.

Although it was a little worn, the furniture fit the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Even its house purified drinking water is offered in an interesting azure glass bottle.

Blue Bird Bistro’s menu is unconventional. The restaurant’s main focus is New American cuisine with an emphasis on organic and locally produced ingredients.

Options vary from spicy Moroccan Stew with chicken,  Camp Lindo Farm, to a hearty Beef Burger made from grass-fed cows fresh from Golden Rule Farm.

They also offer a range of vegetarian dishes like delectable salads made with fresh greens from Two sisters Farm.

For those with more exotic tastes they have an aromatic Green Curry that will satisfy both vegetarians and carnivores.

As all my friends know, I am a breakfast fiend. I am obsessed with eggs, hash browns, pancakes and all things associated with the most important meal of the day. I was really fortunate to have been able to go to Blue Bird Bistro during brunch time where I was able to satisfy my insatiable breakfast food craving.

One of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes is Eggs Benedict. The bistro’s Classic Benedict was one of the best renditions of this classic dish I have ever had.

The perfectly poached cage free eggs from Camp Lindo Farm were in stark contrast to the crisp, organic English muffin.

The cheese and tomato gave the Eggs Benedict an unexpected jolt of sharp flavor that worked well with the rich hollandaise sauce that cascaded over the entire dish.

The breakfast potatoes on the side were tender on the inside with a nice crisp exterior and garnished with an assortment of straight from the garden herbs.

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal and help support local farms and organic produce, take a visit to Blue Bird Bistro. Its excellent philosophy will bring you in but its mouth-watering creations will keep you coming.

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