Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Fives necessities to survive a midwestern winter

We’ve recently had a taste of the fury of a midwestern winter, and even if you’re from the midwest, it has left everyone swerving on the roads and shivering to classes. For those who are new to the midwest, or even for those who forget time and time again just how sporadic these winters can be, these are a few things that are essential to surviving this winter.

A space heater or heated blanket
For a college student, these items could require dropping a pretty penny, but if you’re trying to reduce how often you’re sick before March, or even how high your gas bill is, they’re worth it.
The heater is great if you have a smaller area you’re trying to heat, like a dorm room or a small apartment. It ensures you will be warm no matter where you travel within that room, but be sure to not leave it on all the time.
If you want to stay warm but have a roommate who likes a cold room, a heated blanket is also a  great option.

Ice scraper (especially with a brush)
A midwestern winter brings along fun things like ice and snow. Most places in Kansas City and the surrounding area have lots of outside or on-street parking, causing cars to be covered by morning.
The snow may start off powdery, making a brush the best option to clean it off, but after sitting for awhile and possibly melting a bit, the snow packs down and becomes hard ice. In this situation, a scraper is a great way to quickly clear your windshield.

A thick coat
A hoodie or jacket isn’t going to cut it in these 20 mph winds, so you’ll need something thick, maybe even lined with faux fur. You may think something like this would be expensive, but with several thrift shops nearby, you’ll have plenty of affordable options to choose from.

Steering wheel cover
Those who drive know all too well the struggles of trying to drive with a cold steering wheel. You don’t have to break the bank to get a cover, however. There are some at Walmart and Target for less than $10, definitely worth saving your hands from freezing every morning you get in your car.

A couple sheets of cardboard
You’re probably reading this thinking “huh?”, but there’s a practical use for this, I promise. When there is too much snow, and your wheels are spinning without a speck of traction, those few flat pieces of cardboard in your truck could be your savior. Sticking those bad boys under your tires, either front or back depending on your car, can help you gain the traction you need to get out of a bind. Another thing that works is kitty litter, but cardboard would take up a lot less space in your trunk and is a lot cheaper.

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